Sunday, December 27, 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015


This beautiful family is one of our dear friends here. We love them. Their two little ones (twins) are my daughters best friends. They wanted a snow picture, so the minute it snowed we ran and did a shoot. It wasn't anything fancy and again it was freezing - we had to make it quick with the little kids. Snow shots are some of my favorite to shoot. 

This cute family showed me a new spot to shoot. We had to drive a little bit, but pine trees are hard to find here in Fort Collins, and this place had some. I loved that they wanted to have a picture of them pretending to cut down a tree. It was freezing when we shot, but the kids (and baby) were troopers, but we definitely made it a very fast shoot. I loved their Chrismtasy outfits. 


I got to shoot candids of this lovely wedding. I usually don't shoot a lot of indoor events and people. This lighting was tricky, but they turned this church into a beautiful reception. The lights and decor were stunning. Easy fun wedding to shoot.