Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This shoot was one of my favorites - for obvious reasons.:) This girl turned 2! I love her to pieces. She is so full of energy and spunk. 

Here are some of my favorites:

 photo _DSC0321_edited_zps8a715327.jpg  photo _DSC0301_edited_zps8bf6fc66.jpg  photo _DSC0129_edited_zps02283c67.jpg  photo _DSC0118_edited_zps4fdc169f.jpg  photo _DSC0016_editeda_zps1d14b851.jpg  photo _DSC0080_editedfinal_zps834e0eec.jpg  photo _DSC0040_edited_zps8475b974.jpg  photo _DSC0075_editeda_zps4a5a2a59.jpg
 photo _DSC0046_edited_zps6f2cb799.jpg
 photo _DSC0114_editeda_zpsd43a7666.jpg
 photo _DSC0024_edited_zpsf43c2fca.jpg
 photo _DSC0087_edited_zps8d72d3f1.jpg

Monday, September 29, 2014

Love this family. 
Shooting them was so much fun. They are a beautiful family and they were so relaxed and were so easy to shoot. 

Photography Tip: If you are shooting a baby that can't sit up yet, have them lie down and shoot from above.

 photo _DSC0244_edited_zpsa08e68e9.jpg
 photo _DSC0247_edited_zpsaec89dd2.jpg
 photo _DSC0331_edited_zpsda863fb4.jpg
 photo _DSC0512_edited_zps7f942a4b.jpg

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I had the privileged of shooting our neighbors down the street. He is a fireman here in Fort Collins. One of our very first interactions with this family was when he let my boys shoot the fire hose off his fire engine. From then on, he has earned the spot of "cool guy" in my boys eyes.:)

They are a beautiful family and it was a easy shoot. 

I have found a favorite spot to shoot lately - the Tiny Forest right behind our house. 

I also noticed lately that the color pink shoots really well.

  photo _DSC0249_edited_zps1c3ce306.jpg  photo _DSC0291_editedcrop_zps4b8a6753.jpg  photo _DSC0406_edited_zps5bdfb8c3.jpg  photo _DSC0116_edited_zpsd3d007e3.jpg

Monday, September 22, 2014

I love this family. I have shot this family for many years in a row. Not only are they a beautiful family to shoot, they are our dear dear friends and they are like family to us. 

This year we decided to take advantage of "wide open spaces" and was able to take advantage of the sun setting.

It was a fun shoot (like always).

 I sure love LOVE this family.

 photo _DSC0085_edited_zpsc3e6b578.jpg  photo _DSC0153_edited_zpsbcaafa94.jpg  photo _DSC0248_editedbw_zpsff0c5b8d.jpg  photo _DSC0036_edited_zps1d96ab98.jpg  photo _DSC0519_edited_zps9be6ba27.jpg

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The more I do Senior Pictures, the more I enjoy them. This girl was a dream to shoot. She was super photogenic and there was not any touch ups on any of the photos. She was up for any pose, any location and just wanted to have fun. 

She chose to shoot in Old Town and we found some fun spots. 

Photography Tip - Get the sun behind the subject. It allows for some great sun spots.

 photo _DSC0306_edited_zps213003aa.jpg
 photo _DSC0064_edited_zps0d71c938.jpg
 photo _DSC0184_edited_zps795d3cb7.jpg
 photo _DSC0365_edited_zps613aa297.jpg
 photo _DSC0823_edited_zpsb9d4a2b3.jpg
 photo _DSC0403_edited_zps36926e09.jpg
I had the privledge of shooting this sweet baby boy. 2 years ago this mother lost a baby boy right after delivery. This was a sensitive and emotional photo shoot, but we could all feel the love in this amazing family and the strength they have and the joy they have with this new addition to the family.

Photography Tip: I have been told that the best time to shoot a newborn is within the first 9 days.

 photo _DSC0163_edited_zpsa93188c8.jpg
 photo _DSC0194_edited_zps8c00263f.jpg
 photo _DSC0015_edited_zpsfb28e920.jpg
The arrival of this sweet baby girl was so joyful and such a relief after a hard pregnancy and trials that were sent this family's way. It was my honor and joy to shoot this sweet baby girl and my beautiful friend.

We just shot in baby girl's room - the natural light from the window was perfection.

Easy Photography Tip - Find the biggest window in your house - open the blinds/drapes and shoot right by the window - afternoon window light is the best.

  photo _DSC0366_edited_zps24426c1f.jpg  photo _DSC0197_edited_zps2b977797.jpg  photo _DSC0276_edited_zps736e8ab3.jpg  photo _DSC0375_edited_zps65458868.jpg