Sunday, October 26, 2014

We have loved getting to know this family. We adore them and they live right around the corner. 

 I am not gonna lie, this shoot was a little difficult. These two twin little ones were on the run most of the shoot. We all did our best to make them still long enough to shoot something....

But aren't their kids adorable!!!? 

We made the best out of the situation and the parents were so laid back. 

It turned out great. 

Another great family. (I feel like a broken record saying that all the time here.) 

This was a special shoot - the oldest girl is leaving for a LDS Mission for 2 years in a week. It was fun to capture these last moments before she leaves. 

We shot at their house - they had lot's of trees and open space. 

Beautiful family.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This family is dear to our hearts. They are our neighbors and we have seen their boys (all 5!!!) grow up. They are good people and I was honored that they asked me to shoot them. 

Those boys definitely have a special connection with each other, and it was exciting to see. 

But my favorite thing to watch is their mom. She is a dear friend and I admire her so much for how she is as a person and how she is as a mother to those boys. 

At one point during the shoot I watched her watching her boys...her face had so much joy and happiness seeing all her boys together, perhaps only another mother could recognize that joy.

 The leaves were a beautiful golden yellow. It was a great shoot!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I found this silver wall at a park last year. I really like shooting against it when I can, especially when shooting portraits. This is another great family (I am lucky to shoot so many great families). They were so easy to shoot. They all had big beautiful blue eyes.

We shot in the middle of the morning so I had to find shade where I could. Shooting in the daytime when the sun is bright is still achievable if you can find spots that work.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Teenage boys can be hard to shoot sometimes. Getting their true smile is always a challenge. Sometimes I get it from them, sometimes not. 

This is another great family, one I shoot often. It has been fun to see their boys grow up.

I love when families want to shoot at their home - the front porch etc. 

Sometimes we as photographers and clients seem to think we have to go to a cool location, but truly a shot in front of their home where they live, their children grow up and where memories are created seems to be the best location.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This is another family I adore. I have taken their picture every fall for 5 years in a row. They are a fantastic family. 6 kids. 
One child is on a mission - hence why they are holding a picture of her in some of the pictures. Loved that idea.

 Another beautiful fall evening to shoot and with this beautiful family. They never want to go anywhere to shoot - we just always do it at their beautiful home with their beautiful yard - which is perfect.